Our company R & R Kapital OU is fully based on Estonian capital and was established in the beginning of the year 2000, so we have been in fur market in about 13 years so far. Experiences in the field reaches much further because our workers practice goes as far as 35 years back to the soviet time when the fur fabric „NGK Linda“ was the local leader of the field. The main aim of our company is to use the fur as natural material as effectively and as efficiently as possible. So, large part of our work is relating to giving new life to our clients’ old fur products. Another large part of our work is related to making new fur coats and other fur products to directly customers and to shops. According to need, we sew products using our fur material as well as customers’ material. The fur material we use is mainly Estonian origin. However in practice we have been using Finnish fur and fur of other origin. In variety of fur we have traditionally mink, lamb, fox (both blue- and silver-) but in practice we have also used other (incl. Estonian wild animals as raccoon dog, fox, beaver etc).

In our view fur coat products and mainly fur coats are like separate art pieces, because of the individuality of the human body, never two identical fur products can leave our workshop. We have widened the variety of the products fro the traditional fur coat to vests, handbags, scarfs, and to little accessories as hair ribbons, key holders, phone holders, (coats) hood ribbons etc. But the usage of fur is not limited by human himself. Lately the fur has been used more and more often as a furnishing element. On demand of our customers we have made blankets to beds, carpets, pillowcases, chair coverings etc , that is products, that recently were not directly related to fur. As we have been so far, we will be always open to new challenges and within our possibilities we will fulfill even the craziest ideas of our customers. At the same time we will keep ourselves informed of the new trends and fashions in world fur market and the ideas are further developed by our fashion specialist who can be useful with her ideas to customers when needed.

So, if You are interested in fur products and the possibilities within them, contact us and our team is at Your service!

R & R Kapital OÜ
Reimanni 3 Tallinn, tel +3725277238